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US Ethanol Output Edges Up While Stocks Decline
Output data for the week ended Oct. 17 Read More --10/22/2014 2:54 PM
Perspective on APH Exclusion Decision by USDA
USDA decision was the right thing to do Read More --10/22/2014 11:11 AM
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Up Front – Congress & White House: Oct. 22, 2014--10/22/2014 6:58 AM Read More
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USDA to Implement APH ‘Fix’ For 2015 Spring-Planted Crops--10/21/2014 3:22 PM Read More
GAO: USDA Should Set New Pathogen Standards on Add'l Poultry Products--10/21/2014 11:18 AM Read More
Teamsters Slam Pilot Program for Mexican Trucks--10/21/2014 11:11 AM Read More
US Corn Use in Ethanol Now Tracks Gasoline Consumption --10/21/2014 9:31 AM Read More
Australia Agency: Only 3 of 8 Models See El Niño by Jan. 2015--10/21/2014 7:36 AM Read More
Klobuchar Calls for Examination of Possible CSX-CP Merger--10/21/2014 7:23 AM Read More
CRS: Proposals via WTO's Doha Round Would Hit US Farm Subsidy Programs
But cuts in government payments would be offset by increased agricultural exports Read More --10/22/2014 11:08 AM
Wall Street Journal –– Organic Pesticides Now the Research Holy Grail
Increased scrutiny of manufactured pesticides makes 'natural' substances highly desirable Read More --10/22/2014 11:04 AM
Sept. CPI: 0.1% Rise in Overall & Core Readings
Food prices now up 3% over past 12 months Read More --10/22/2014 9:26 AM
USDA Oct. Cattle on Feed Pre-Reports
Trade expectations for monthly feedlot update Read More --10/22/2014 7:07 AM
USDA Cold Storage: Beef stock above expectations, pork below - 10/22/2014 3:20 PM
Beef stocks in the nation’s freezers totaled 373.344 million pounds as of Sept. 30, up 8% from August and above expectations for stocks of 343.3 million pounds, according to USDA’s monthly Cold Storage report. However, the tally is still 16% under year-ago. Pork stocks were 544.998 million pounds, basically unchanged from August and down 4% from year-ago. Stocks also fell below expectations for the total to be 560.1 million pounds. This continues to underscore the tight beef supply situation and indicates that pork demand has been perhaps stronger than expected.
Two dead in shootings in Ottawa, Canada - 10/22/2014 3:08 PM
Two are dead -- one Canadian soldier and a suspected gunman -- in the wake of "several shooting incidents in downtown Ottawa, Canada, " that happened this morning, accordng to reports. The incidents took place at the National War Memorial, the Rideau Centre and Parliament Hill, according to reports, but police later said there was no shooting at the Rideau Centre, a mall near where the other shootings took place. Several buildings are in lockdown and closed to the public along with the US Embassy in Ottawa. It is not clear yet what prompted the shootings, whether they are linked and how many shooters may have been involved.
Wall Street Journal –– McDonald's to change course in response to falling profits - 10/22/2014 11:01 AM
McDonald's has outlined plans for what it called fundamental changes to its business as it reported one of its worst quarterly profit declines in years, driven by problems in nearly every major part of its business. The 30% decline in net income for the period ended Sept. 30 was the latest in a string of disappointing results for the world's largest restaurant chain. It is struggling with weak sales in Asia, Europe and, most important, its home market in the US. McDonald's has focused so far on efforts including increased staffing at busy times, and has shaken up its management ranks, including replacing the head of its US business for the second time in less than two years. But the changes have yet to boost sales or profit. WSJ (B-1)
CME sets new futures price limits effective Nov. 3 - 10/22/2014 7:00 AM
Narrower daily price limits will take effect for most CBOT grain and oilseed futures contracts as of Nov. 3 following a semi-annual review, according to an announcement from the CME Group. The daily limits will change as follows: Corn will be 25 cents (35 cents currently); soybeans will be 70 cents ($1 currently); SRW wheat will be 35 cents (45 cents currently) and KC HRW will be 40 cents (50 cents currently); soymeal will be $25 ($30 currently); soyoil will be 2.5 cents (3 cents currently); rough rice will be 90 cents ($1.10 currently); and oats will stay at 25 cents. Daily limits can be expanded in the session after a limit-up or limit-down session.
Bank of England maintains low interest rate - 10/22/2014 6:56 AM
The majority of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee remains against raising interest rates, voting 7-2 to maintain a record low rate of 0.5%, minutes from the October 7-8 meeting show. The minutes said that for most members, there remained "insufficient evidence" of inflationary pressure to raise rates. The decision comes days after the bank's chief economist, Andrew Haldane, signaled he is pessimistic about the economy, and that interest rates should remain low to avoid long-term economic stagnation.
Protecting personal financial information - 10/22/2014 6:55 AM
Senate Banking Chairman Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) and Ranking Republican Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) sent a letter to financial regulators expressing concern with the safety of Americans’ personal financial information and asking how federal agencies are protecting the US financial system from cyberattacks.
Eleven banks expected to fail Europe's stress tests - 10/22/2014 6:51 AM
Spanish news wire EFE said that that at least 11 of the 130 banks the European Central Bank is now in charge of testing have failed their reviews.
Biobased diesel companies petition EPA for rules comparable to traditional diesel - 10/22/2014 6:47 AM
Biodiesel fuel manufacturers submitted two petitions to the Environmental Protection Agency Oct. 21 asking it to give them the same exemption from reporting requirements as petroleum-based diesel manufacturers. The Biobased and Renewable Products Advocacy Group (BRAG) filed the petitions in an attempt to be exempted through either of two mechanisms allowed under Toxic Substances Control Act rules. Petroleum-derived diesel already is exempt from certain Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) rule requirements, BRAG wrote in both petitions. That means the EPA's current rule provides regulatory relief to petroleum-derived diesel but not to the biobased chemicals that are used in conjunction with or as replacements for the petroleum-based compounds, BRAG's petitions say.
Court rules industry fails to prove standing in E15 labeling challenge - 10/22/2014 6:46 AM
E15 challenge fails again. A federal appeals court dismissed an industry group challenge to a final EPA regulation requiring warning labels on pumps selling gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol (E15), finding that the groups fail to establish standing. The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit unanimously ruled the industry groups failed to establish standing because “they cannot show that their members have suffered or are threatened with suffering an injury in fact that is traceable to the regulation.”
Russia to ban all fruit and vegetable imports from Ukraine - 10/22/2014 6:45 AM
Moscow is to ban import of all fruits and vegetables from Ukraine starting today, Russia’s agriculture watchdog said Tuesday. In its statement, the agriculture watchdog Rosselkhpznadzor cited a lack of labeling on Ukraine’s fruits and vegetables, which it said could be the proof that the goods aren't of Ukraine origin. Moscow said the lack of proper labeling may be a means to help EU producers avoid Russia’s import ban. In August, Moscow imposed a ban on the import of food, including fruits and vegetables, from the EU, the US and some other Western countries following the sanctions imposed by them against Moscow in response to Russia’s policy toward Ukraine.
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